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What our people think about working at Cylindo

  • For me, the most exciting part of being a member of Cylindo is the daily opportunity to move the needle on evolving e-commerce experiences, and doing that in a surrounding where you are empowered to be your true, and best self.


    Customer Success Manager, Boston

  • The amount of support you’ll receive from the amazing people across multiple teams and departments at Cylindo is mind-blowing. It’s rather refreshing to belong to a genuinely welcoming and supportive culture!


    Customer Marketing Manager, Skopje

  • My favourite part about working at Cylindo is that we care about people first, always, and we expect a high level of results. How you deliver those results is left to you, and the entire business is there to help. I've never been at a business that more fully embraces team selling across all areas. The leadership team makes it easy to work here.


    Enterprise Account Executive, Boston

  • Cylindo is a great place to work! I have been a part of this organisation for more than 3 years now, and have seen myself transform as a professional in more ways than one. We have a great culture, and ample learning and growth opportunities for all of us. I am proud to be a part of the Cylindo journey, and appreciate the opportunity to realise my full potential.


    Product Team Lead, Bitola

  • I like being surrounded by innovative, inspiring people who do meaningful work at the same time. People who motivate you to become a better you, personally as well as professionally, and make you feel like you belong, like you are being a part of something that brings value to the world. This is, among many others, the number one thing that I like the most while working in Cylindo. I enjoy every aspect of my work, I like the freedom as well as the mutual trust that we have when we are aiming together towards our goals.


    Product Supervisor, Bitola

  • When I am looking to join a company, I look for three things: the people, the product, and the leadership team. The people need to be amazing as you spend too much time at work to not enjoy who you work with. If the product provides value, Customer Success focus can truly be about the success of your clients with the addition of your solution. Lastly if you have an open and trustworthy leadership team, you can learn and grow faster and with more support. Cylindo has continued to check all three of these from the day I joined to today.


    Customer Success Team Lead, Boston

  • I don’t know how I got so lucky to find such an amazing employer as Cylindo! You know that feeling where you are excited to start the day whether it be to have internal or customer meetings? I’m experiencing this for the first time & strongly recommend it!


    Senior Project Manager, Copenhagen

  • I enjoy the freedom and trust that is shown by the leadership in Cylindo. I have the freedom to plan/perform my work as I best see fit together with my team members and full support when there are issues that need to be addressed. Working on a tool that is used by so many people and with such a deep roadmap is really a great motivation.


    Full Stack Developer, Copenhagen

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